What we eat can have a big effect on our cholesterol and triglyceride levels, so making changes to your diet is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself.  But a healthy diet does not have to be boring, there are lots of fantastic recipes and eating plans on our website for you to try out.


What Foods are Healthy?

A heart healthy diet is one that is rich in vegetables, pulses, fruits, nuts and whole grains.

Modest portions of lean meat, poultry, white and oily fish, soya foods, low fat dairy products

and vegetable based spreads and oils also play an important role in a heart healthy diet, being low

in saturated fat and rich in a range of other essential nutrients. 

Even for all the busy bees among us who don't have time to stop to buy lunch, a bit of prior

organisation in the morning and you're right on track!

Do u find you drink in the evening when u come home from work?? 

SOMETIMES robotically??  

The fact is, more often than not, it's your body craving for fluids, as opposed to craving alcohol.


Even minor alcohol consumption will force the liver to produce and release bad fats into the blood stream which then clings to you internally.  

Feel free to infuse water with green tea, fennel, orange wedges, lemon juice, etc, but avoid any packaged mixers or caloric drinks. For instance, fruit juice can easily contain 100-plus calories. Your body won't process those calorie the same way as if you ate that fruit whole; you miss out on that fruits fiber and other nutrients. 

Alternatives to Alcohol

Beer drinker?   -    try squash/cordial mixed with sparkling water (organic ginger beer).

Wine drinker    - chilled juices with bitter lemon (cranberry juice and lime).

Many online reports show that citrus based drinks before bedtime increase the delay of metabolism slowing during sleep.

Follow the C10 diet  when you take the lipid modifier and  look forward  to amazing  results within weeks.*

* Results may vary between individuals, based on current health position, lifestyle, physical activity and current medications.

If in doubt, always consult a medical practitioner

The C10 Shape Shifting Meal Plan

The Lipid Modifier Weekly Healthy Diet Guide

Start your new life with a whole new outlook..combining the amazing C10 capsules with a healthy and uplifting eating plan you are most definitely on the way to a fitter, healthier you.


Eating healthy doesn't have to be depressing ..there is a world of interesting and TASTY foods out there.  

Let us point you in the right direction and get you started. You'll soon get the hang of it and learn as the weeks progress.​ 



less lard                 -     more olive, rapeseed, sunflower oil

less butter,

margarine             -     more olive, sunflower oil spreads

less white

bread, pasta,

rice                         -     more wholegrain bread, brown pasta, brown rice



cereals, i.e




coated cereals      -     more porridge, oat based cereals, wheat, muesili

less sweet 

biscuits, cakes      -     more oatcakes, digestives

less milk or 

white chocolate,

crisps                     -     more unsalted nuts, dried and fresh fruit

less pastry            -     more lentils, beans and peas

fewer takeaways -     more meals from basic fresh ingredients


less sausages,

burgers, fatty

meat                     - more lean meat, seafood and oily fish

less high fat 

cheese, cream 

and milk               - more reduced-fat dairy foods, soya products 


  1. Whole wheat cereals (such as Shredded Wheat, Weetabix, or Oatibix) with skimmed milk.

  2. Porridge made with skimmed milk and topped with a spoon of honey and handful of raisins.

  3. Fruit Smoothie - 1 ripe banana, cranberry juice and frozen red fruit blended together, served with one slice of toast and spread with a 'light' spread or marmite.

  4. Lean bacon butty - lean back bacon, trimmed of all fat and grilled, served in a toasted bun with a drizzle of tomatoe ketchup.

  5. Home-made muesli, made with rolled oats a variety of dried fruits served with low fat yoghurt.

  6. Kedgeree made from poached smoked haddock, boiled rice and curry paste topped with hard boiled egg quarters.


  1. Jacket potato served with cottage cheese and a side salad with a low fat dressing.

  2. Chunky vegetable soup and a wedge of crusty wholegrain bread.

  3. Sandwiches made with lean ham, mustard and watercress, or tinned tuna and cucumber.

  4. Baked beans on toast or for something different try mashed banana on toast.

  5. Pasta with tomato sauce.

  6. Chicken pasta salad.



  1. Poached or grilled fish served with new potatoes and peas.

  2. Fish cakes served with salad and a sweet chilli sauce.

  3. Cottage pie made with Quorn or very low fat minced beef.

  4. Stir fry pork with vegetables and noodles.

  5. Spicy vegetable burgers.

  6. Vegetable risotto.

  7. chicken casserole.


  1. Fresh, dried, canned and frozen fruits.

  2. Fresh vegetables served with tomato salsa or cottage cheese.

  3. Popcorn – cooked with the minimum of added fat or oil.

  4. Bread sticks.

  5. Ready to eat breakfast cereals.

  6. Fat free yoghurt.

  7. English muffins toasted and spread with jam, marmalade, honey or yeast extract.

  8. A glass of skimmed or 1% milk.

  9. Crisp bread spread with cottage cheese.

It's important to note that this healthy eating plan along with your daily intake of your C10 lipid modifier capsule works best with minimum alcohol intake.  

Variety in your foods is very important so choose different meals each day  .. mix and match. 

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