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Anyway What is High Cholesterol??

Cholesterol is an extremely important waxy fat like substance found in every cell, but concentrated in the brain, liver, and blood. It creates a protective sheath around the nerves, assists hormone production, and aids digestion.

Cholesterol is found in all foods derived from animal sources. When a person suffers from high cholesterol, excess cholesterol not processed by the liver or excreted continues to circulate in the bloodstream. If it oxidizes it can inflame or affect immune system activity. Eventually excess cholesterol builds up and can clog arteries, leading to a heart attack or stroke.

Types of Cholesterol

  • HDL (good cholesterol)

  • LDL (bad cholesterol)

Symptoms of High Cholesterol

  • High cholesterol may cause angina (chest pain), heart attack, stroke, or high blood pressure

  • Cholesterol may appear as yellow nodules beneath the skin of the elbows or knees, or under the eye

Causes of High Cholesterol

  • Genetic make up

  • Diet rich in saturated fat and dietary cholesterol

  • Diets high in processed snack foods and sweets

  • Smoking

  • Being overweight

  • Lack of exercise

 Excess LDL's in the body are difficult for the body to process and remove, modifiying them allows the body to remove them more efficiently.


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